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Address Norfolk Teacher Training Centre, City College Norwich, Ipswich Road, Norwich, NR2 2LJ

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School Direct Primary Teacher Training

Our Primary Teacher Training programme is part of School Direct route and will see you spend most of your time teaching in a school rather than studying in a classroom.

This allows you to learn from experience and get advice from experienced teachers and your assigned mentor.

Programme overview

Our one-year programme is based on the 37-week academic year. As part of your programme, you will receive access to the following during your training:

  • Training in School – 120 days in the classroom gaining practical experience and skills supported by your school based mentor. This will involve learning the curriculum, lesson observation, team teaching, solo-teaching and learning support across at least two key stages. You will gain experience in at least 2 academies within the partnership based upon academic subject.
  • Professional Development Programme – throughout the programme there will be learning days based at the college, usually once a week with a few additional days throughout the there. This consists of a mixture of professional development training sessions, conferences and opportunities to engage with junior schools and our partner sixth form providers.
  • Curriculum Knowledge Development – throughout the programme you will receive training in enhancing your knowledge of the primary curriculum and ensuring that that you know how to use your knowledge to teach lively, accurate and successful lessons in schools.
  • Secondary/Key Stage 3 opportunities – you will also have opportunities to experience secondary learning environments, through partner schools and college.


To successfully complete the course, you will be required to:

  • keep a Professional Practice Portfolio providing evidence of personal progress throughout your programme. The Portfolio should also contain reflection on academic issues and reading of relevant published educational research.
  • participate fully in the life of your placement school, keeping a record of your progressive teaching experiences and evidence through a reflective journal
  • demonstrate that you have met the Teachers’ Standards as part of the Professional Development Programme, you will also complete three assignments connecting your school-based experience within the context of pedagogical research

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