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What makes teaching a good career choice

21st August 2019

We sat down with three of our trainers – one from primary teaching, one from secondary and one from the sixth form college sector – and asked, ‘What makes teaching a good career choice?’

1. Magic moments

Primary specialist Donna says that there are certain moments in education that are just spinetingling, such as seeing a child’s eyes light up as things fall into place and they learn to read for the first time.

Reflecting on her experience in sixth form colleges, Andrea adds:

It’s seeing your students them grow, not just academically, but as a human beings; when you give them new avenues to pursue, things they might not ever have thought of. As a teacher you can make a huge impact on a young person’s life. Everyone remembers their best teacher.

As a teacher you can provide the safe environment in which major breakthroughs can occur for a child, says Donna. She recalls having taught children who entered primary school with selective mutism, but who have developed the confidence, over time, to come overcome this anxiety and speak out loud in the classroom.

2. Creativity

Whatever subject you teach, finding ways to engage children in that subject matter is always a highly creative process. Mick, a science specialist, says:

Teaching draws on a wide skill set. You need to prioritise, you need to problem-solve, it’s really creative. Because every group of students is different, reacting in different ways, you have to approach each lesson or topic differently, even if you’ve taught it many times before.


Every day is different. You’re constantly having to think, adapt, change, be on your toes in a creative way, says Andrea.

3. The people

Whilst teachers often talk about how rewarding it is to make a difference in the learning and lives of their pupils or students, another great aspect of the profession is the team you get to work with.

I have worked with some fabulous teams, says Mick, everybody pulls together and works closely – that’s a real highlight of the job.

Donna adds,

people are so supportive of each other.

4. Being part of a community

Another great aspect of the people you work with, as a teacher, is the connections you develop as part of a community. Not just the school community itself, but the wider community of which it is a part – parents, carers, and many others who help to enrich and support the work of the school.

Mick has been a teacher in his current school for 17 years, teaching and getting to know a huge number of local pupils and their families. He describes the key moments in the school year, such as the end of year prom and presentation evenings, as a true highlight:

It give you a real sense of pride to be part of that community.

5. As a teacher you are constantly developing yourself

Teaching isn’t just about nurturing and developing those you teach. As a teacher you are constantly required to be learning and developing yourself. Donna says:

You have to be a learner yourself, you have to love learning, in order to be able to flexible and open to change, because what and how you teach keeps evolving.

Andrea adds:

You develop as a person when you’re teaching, you find out a lot more about yourself and your strengths.

Another facet to this is that teaching offers opportunities to take your profession with you anywhere – you can work in any part of the country, or even teach abroad – broadening your horizions and experiences in the process.

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