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Congratulations to the 'Class of 2022'

6th December 2022

The latest group of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) to come through NTTC were reunited at Easton College on Friday 2 December for a celebration of their achievements.

The former NTTC trainees and apprentices, who have now embarked on their teaching careers in primary and secondary schools throughout Norfolk, were presented with certificates by the NTTC team.

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With live music from City College Norwich student band Generation 29, and great food from the catering team at Easton College, the evening provided the NQTs with a well-deserved chance to relax and look back on their training year.

It was a night full of smiles as our trainees enjoyed the reunion and reflected on their achievements, the hurdles overcome, and some of the lighter-hearted moments of their initial teacher training.

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One of the highlights of the evening was provided by primary NQTs Ollie Russell and Jo Hooper, who read out this poem that Ollie had penned especially for the occasion: 

‘The Class of 2022’

The journey began in September 2021,

Donna, Matt and a new crew had just begun,

Welcome to NTTC…

The ONLY place to be!

Out of the blocks we were put on a two minute timer,

With Donna checking the clock, and giving us a reminder.


Thrust into the spotlight, was just the beginning,

For over the next year, we would have to keep appearing.

We’ll never forget that first observation,

And the hope the for the class, not to descend into conversation.

Supported as ever, we passed our first test,

Thank heavens for half-term, to get a little rest!


Not for long though, with assignments to do,

And how to work sharepoint – I didn’t have a clue!

Sorry to say, we lost some at Christmas,

Such was the intensity, to keep going the distance.

The New Year dawned, and off we went on placement,

Feeling back at square one, is an understatement!


Just as we thought we were finding our feet,

There was a whole new challenge to meet!

Some of us were happy, and others not…

I, for one, did not tie the knot!

A useful experience never-the-less,

In helping to make our training a success.


Time to head back to our Primary Schools, (no pun intended!),

And set about becoming Masters in Maths, (how splendid!)

Working in pairs, we picked apart lessons,

Sharing our thoughts and making suggestions.

After much to’ing and fro’ing, we finally got going,

Before it was time, for the presentation showing.


Once again, with the clock ticking in the corner,

We tried to avoid, looking like being in a sauna!

The shared relief of completing this ordeal,

Was a trip into town, for a pint and a meal!

No time to rest, with assignment three looming,

We collected our evidence, which began building!


Wishes and feelings, Pupil passports and a trail,

Were just some of the things needed to reach OUR holy grail!

Arh, the satisfaction of so nearly being done,

And being able to look forward to some summer sun.

Qualified Teacher Status, at last achieved,

A career in teaching, was now to be believed!


But wait…we might have jumped the gun…

There was still to be some learning fun.

For this is teacher training,

Where demands keep on raining.

The final piece of the jigsaw - EPA

Meet those teacher standards, and we would be away!


So thank you Team NTTC,

Donna, Matt and Jacqui,

Supported by a fantastic team, we are all so very grateful,

For everything you have done, to help make us successful.

Bring on the challenges ahead, keep in touch,

And we, for sure, will miss our Friday’s very much!


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