Sarah Baker - Mathematics Teacher Broadland High School

Why become a teacher?

When I left school I did an engineering apprenticeship with the Ministry of Defence and spent 12 years working in telecommunications in the RAF. After having my children, I started helping out in their school and enjoyed it so much that I started working as a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) whilst studying for my degree with the Open University.

Why did you choose the school-based teacher training route at the Norfolk Teacher Training Centre?

I chose NTTC because there were two former graduates working at the school where I was working as a LSA who recommended it to me.

I chose the school-based training route because it was less academic, more hands on. I think that if you want to be in the job the best thing to do is to be doing it – for me, it was the best way to learn.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m still learning my craft and I think it will take me a few more years to be really confident in what I’m doing so I will continue at this level with a view to picking up extra responsibilities in other areas around the school along the way. After that, I’d quite like to be a head of year and I’m quite interested in pastoral roles.

Jon Holland