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Information for Applicants for September

Address Norfolk Teacher Training Centre, City College Norwich, Ipswich Road, Norwich, NR2 2LJ

01603 773708

Impact of COVID-19 on applicants for Teacher Training

Can I still apply for Teacher Training in September 2021 with the NTTC?

 We are still recruiting, and you can apply through UCAS.

The earlier you apply; the more choice you will have for teacher training placements starting in September 2021. Applications will close in June.

If your application is successful, we will arrange a Skype video interview to find out if you are right for our network of schools and you can ask us any questions about Norfolk Teacher Training Centre. The technology is easy to use and accessible. 

We are adapting our assessments and have removed the need for applicants to teach a mock lesson. Documentation such as degree and GCSE certificates may be scanned and sent electronically. You will be able to contact us by phone or email throughout the application process.

Are schools still recruiting trainees?

We and our partner schools and continuing to recruit trainees for September 2021 with the support of the Department for Education. 

Our advisers are in regular contact with our partners so we can give you up-to-date advice.  

We know that despite the current situation, our partner schools will still need trainee teachers in September 2020. 

What if I cannot gain experience of working with children and young people prior to interview?

Prior experience in a school is not required before you are interviewed, but if you have been able to gain experience in schools, we would find reports from those schools helpful.

You can also include working with children and young people e.g. Scouts, Brownies, youth groups as evidence. Just remember to make reference to this in your personal statement.

We will contact applicants directly for specific guidance.

Does the 40-day rule for making decisions about Initial Teacher Training applications still apply?

All rolling UCAS Teacher Training decision making deadlines are on hold for at least four weeks.

We will contact applicants directly for specific guidance.

Can I start my Initial Teacher Training course before I have been awarded my degree?

Final year degree students can apply to start in September without being awarded your degree.

What will happen if I get a teaching place and schools don’t re-open in September 2021?

The Department for Education is advising schools and training providers to continue to recruit for September 2021.

Our priority is to support trainees to complete their training and we will respond as the situation changes. The full statement on teacher trainee recruitment from the Department for Education can be found here

Will I still be able to apply for bursaries, loans, and scholarships as I apply?

Yes, you can still apply for financial support. Information on financial support can be found here and also in the Funding My Training section on the Department for Education website.

What if I have been unable to complete my Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course?

SKE training courses can be completed before or alongside your training. If you have been unable to complete a SKE course, the SKE provider will make an assessment and communicate this to your teacher training provide. If necessary, you can defer your SKE course and complete this alongside your teacher training course at a later date.

What is happening with schools re-opening?

Schools are currently closed except to the children of key workers. Many teachers, including our trainees, are supporting children to learn remotely and this will continue until further notice. 

We are in regular contact with our partners so that we can give you up-to-date advice as the situation changes.  

What is happening with current trainees in schools?

Many teachers, including some of our trainees are teaching children remotely, while some are still going into school.

We are in regular contact with all our trainee teachers, making sure that they have the support and the resources to continue their teacher training and that they are coping with this difficult situation.

How will trainees complete their training if schools are closed?

Advice from the Department for Education is that the law will change so that training providers will make judgements on trainees based on assessments already completed and each trainee’s current progress.

For more information about the government response to coronavirus (COVID-19), visit