5 Tips on How to Write a Teacher Training Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement is a crucial part of your teacher training application.

A good personal statement makes your application stand out, clearly demonstrates your passion for teaching and shows off your skills and experience.

We’ve read hundreds of personal statements and here’s our top 5 tips on how to write a personal statement.

  1. Start with your most recent/relevant work or voluntary experiences and skills developed, then work backwards from there.

  2. Clearly demonstrate your passion for teaching – Make sure to include clear motivations for wanting to train to become a teacher.

  3. Don’t miss anything relevant out – If you have voluntary experience, make sure to list this in the job history section of the form

  4. Give examples – When writing about your skills and experience, give examples of these, how you have used them and how they relate to teaching.

  5. Proof it! Make sure you proof read your statement before submitting, it’s easy to miss something. Getting someone else to read your statement can also be beneficial.

Applying to Norfolk Teacher Training Centre

  • For all Primary applications, please choose ‘Norfolk Academies – 2GG’.

  • For Secondary applications, you may choose ‘Norfolk Teacher Training Centre – N43’ or ‘Norfolk Academies – 2GG’.

  • Although we have no set deadline, we recommend you apply to us as soon as you have your applications ready so that you have plenty of time to get everything ready for enrolment